Bacchus Marathon and Half Marathon



We are looking forward to seeing many of you at this year’s Bacchus Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K on Sunday September 12. 

After last year’s cancellation due to the COVID pandemic it’s wonderful to be able to deliver the race once again. 

Although we will always be cautious about how we deliver the race to ensure the safety of our staff and everyone taking part, there are no legal COVID-related restrictions on the event. The field will be smaller than usual and there are more wave starts but it will still be an event that lives up to the spirit of Bacchus. There will be lots of wine, food, music and fun … as well as little bit of running.  

However, these are not normal times and we ask you all to use your common sense on the day and be respectful of each other, particularly concerning personal space around the start/finish area and at the drink stations. 

Obviously if you are showing any symptoms of COVID or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive in the last 7 days we recommend that you do not attend the event. 

Instead you can defer your entry to 2022. Simply send an e-mail to before 9.30am next Sunday and we will come back to you to confirm the deferral.  



All Bacchus races start and finish in front of Denbies main building inside the vineyard. The address of the vineyard is Bradley Lane, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6AA.

If you are travelling by car, exit the M25 at Junction 9, then follow the A24 south towards Dorking. At Denbies roundabout take the third exit onto Bradley Lane and follow the signs to the Event Car Park. It is approximately 10 minutes from Junction 9.

From the A24 north bound take the first exit onto Bradley Lane. From London follow the A3 and exit for Dorking onto the A24. Denbies is approximately 45 minutes from London, from Guildford it is 20 minutes and Reading 60 minutes.  

Dorking train station is about a 15 minute walk from Denbies. There are direct trains to Dorking from London Waterloo departing at 8.02 and 9.02 on Sunday September 12 and from London Victoria leaving at 8.10, 8.55 and 9.25. The journey time is around 55 minutes.  



There is ample free parking on site at Denbies. Please follow the signs for RUNNING EVENT CAR PARK, which is a large field besides Denbies main building. There will be marshals in the field to help you, please follow their directions. It is a 2-minute walk from the car park of the registration and the start/finish area.

Please do not park in the general Denbies parking area which is reserved for Denbies staff and their other customers on the day.  



All race numbers and race packs are for collection on the morning of the race. They will be distributed in the marquee to the side of Denbies main building, which will also host the post-run hog roast. It is a large, well ventilated temporary structure open at both ends with plenty of space to allow social distancing.  

Race numbers are allocated alpha-numerically for each race distance. There are different pick-up points for the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and Kiddies Run. Simply go to the correct race distance tell us your surname and we'll have your race number ready.  

The Kiddies Run is not timed so the numbers are not allocated by name but will be distributed on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis to those that have pre-registered.  

The main race numbers have a timing chip attached to the rear - do not take this off, fold it or change it in any way if you want a finish time. On the front there will be detachable tickets for any bag you want to leave and for the hog roast. Marathon and Half Marathon numbers will have an additional detachable ticket for the race T-shirt, which is for collection at the finish. There is a separate pick up point for 10K runners who have pre-purchased the event T-shirt. There are male and female-specific T-shirts and they have been ordered in the sizes you requested so please do not try to switch on the day because it will cause problems for other runners. Unfortunately, there are no any extra T-shirts for sale on the day.   


The races start in waves both to provide some social distancing and to ensure that runners do not all arrive at the aid stations at the same time. All marathon runners will leave on the first wave which departs at 9.30am. The first half marathon waves starts at 9.45am with subsequent waves going at, 10.15am, 10.30 and 10.45 am. You have already selected the wave you wish to use and it will be printed on our race pack along with the T-shirt size you requested. We do not marshal who goes into the waves so you can switch waves if you wish, although we may set waves off in smaller groups if we think are too many people in any one wave.  

We would suggest you arrive 45-60 minutes before your intended start time to give you plenty of time to collect your number and deposit any baggage.   


The race starts and finishes in front of Denbies main building. There is a sign-posted one-way system to access the start which requires you walk through the registration/hog roast marquee, past the baggage and behind Denbies main building. You cannot access the start from in front of the main building.  

After you have finished you reverse the route passing behind the building and the baggage tents before entering the hog roast.  


Marathon and Half Marathon runners follow the same course with marathon runners going around a second time to complete the full distance.  

A large section of that course is run in and out of the vines within Denbies vineyard with other sections on the North Downs Way. It is a challenging hilly course predominantly run on off-road trails although there are sections of tarmac and sealed road. There is a one crossing of the Ranmore Road, which is marshalled, but the route is otherwise traffic free.  

The 10K route follows the same course for the first few miles before turning back towards to the start/finish area. It is run entirely within the grounds of the vineyard.   


There are six drink stations on the course each one has a different wine as well as water and food. The wine and food are small samples at each station, there is enough for everyone providing you take just one portion per station. There is a wine marshal at each station as well as volunteer staff serving the food and water. We are finalising the food now but it is likely to be a selection of cheese and biscuits, various fruit pieces, savoury snacks and small sweet deserts. There are no meat products at any point on the course.  

Drink station 3 which is around 7 miles will have High5 energy products, energy drink and water as well as wine. Just after the finish there will be barrels of water and High5 energy drink served in paper cups.  At various points around the course there will be bands and other musical entertainment playing.   


If you’ve been to the event before or looked at the photos, you’ll see that many competitors turn up in fancy dress. It has become part of the fabric of the race and while not obligatory we encourage it. There are wine prizes for the best fancy dress costumes we see on the day - subjectively judged by our team. They will be handed out at the finish after you cross the line.  

Although this is a timed running event, it is more about the wine, fancy dress and general frivolity than the running.  There are no prizes for being first across the line or for being the first in your age group, although you will be recognised in the final results.   


All runners in the Marathon , Half Marathon and 10K have a hog roast ticket attached to their numbers. The ticket can be exchanged for a plate of food - non-meat options are available - and a glass of wine, beer or soft drink. Additional drinks and food can be purchased. The hog roast is served in the same marquee used for number pick up. Runners enter from the rear of the marquee after they have run. Non-runners or spectators can enter from the front and can purchase the hog roast and drinks on the day.  


There is a secure baggage area just beyond the marquee. You will pass it on the way to the start and return to it after you have finished and before you enter the hog roast. Although the area is manned at all times, you leave your baggage at your own risk. As the car park is very close to the start/finish area, we would suggest you leave any valuables in your vehicle.  


There will be portable toilets in the same field as the car park. There will be further toilets behind Denbies main building, which you will pass on the way to the start and after finishing. There will also be toilets on the course at two of the drink stations. There are additional toilets inside Denbies main building, but they are also used by Denbies customers, so please use the Event toilets first. There is no area specifically for changing.  


The race is chip timed and all results will be available the evening after the race. We'll post a link on the 2:09 Events Facebook page when the results are available.  


Running numbers should be worn on the front of your running top to make it easier for the race photographers to identify you in the race photos. We have a number of photographers working with us on the day and we hope all runners will be photographed at least two or three times during the event.  

Free digital downloads of all your race photos are included in the price of the entry fee and will be available early in the week following the race. We will notify everyone when the photos are available.  


We have a professional medical team working with us at the event. The medical HQ is beside the start/finish area but there will also be mobile teams based at Wine station 3, which is after 7 miles and at Wine station 5 after 11 miles. Some of the marshals will also have basic medical supplies to help you self-administer minor treatment.

In the case of medical problems, the quickest way to receive treatment is to proceed to the next marshal on the course who will contact the medical team. They will then triage your problem and decide on the best treatment option. If they decide it is necessary, they will come to your position on the course to treat your injury or ailment or move you to a more appropriate place for the treatment.  

If you are unable to continue walking or running, please ask another competitor to contact the marshals and medics on your behalf. The medics will come to your position, but it is likely to take longer.  



There is a restaurant inside Denbies main building where you can purchase a selection of hot and a cold food and beverages. There is also a serving hatch in front of the main building selling hot and cold drinks and snacks.  

All the wines served on the route and at the hog roast are available for purchase inside the gift shop at Denbies.



If you do have any questions that are not answered above please email us on We will endeavour to answer them all. Although please bear in mind we will be busy in the latter half of the week preparing for the race, so our response may be delayed.


All the best – and we look forward to seeing you on the day.


209 Events team