During The Race (Information)

Q21: Timings

A21: We recommend that you arrive at least 60-90 mins before the start of the race to ensure that you can park and collect a race number (if you haven't already got it).

Q22: Route Markings (What to look out for)

A22: The route will be clearly marked using signage arrows, marshals, taped areas and mini flags (orange for the half marathon, yellow for the 10K).

Q23: Medical Support

A23: There will be a medical team provided by Sharp Medical Services on-site throughout the main event. They will be in the race village and out on the course.  

Q24: What happens if I must pull out on route?

A24: If you can make it to the next marshal point, please do so where they can advise you of the quickest route back to the race village. If you can’t make it to the next marshal point, please ask another competitor to notify the next marshal of your location where our medical team can be dispatched.

Q25: On the course food/drink

A25: There will be 2 wine stations and one additional water station serving the 10K route. There will be 6 wine stations and one water station serving the half marathon. Please note, that the half marathon visits one of the wine stations twice. All wine at the aid stations is provided by Denbies Wine Estate. You will have the chance to sample an array of their range of wines (Please note that Denbies wine is vegan). There will be soft drinks options for those under 18 and water, as always. The food will be an array of small bites that will accompany the wine.

Q26: At what points are the aid stations?

A26: The 10K route will have Wine Stations at the following locations:

Mile 2.2 - Wine Station

Mile 4.2 - Water/ High5 products

Mile 5.8 - Wine Station   

The Half Marathon route will have Wine Stations at the following locations:

Mile 2.5 - Wine Station

Mile 4.5 - Water/High5 products

Mile 5.0 - Wine Station  

Mile 7.9 - Wine Station

Mile 9.3 - Wine Station

Mile 11.3 - Wine Station

Mile 12.3 - Wine Station

Q27: What food/drink are available in the Race Village?

A27: There is a hog roast (or vegetarian alternative) available for participants after the race. There are also two other options:

- A café inside the Denbies main building with indoor seating.  
- An outside hatch  

Both offer a variety of food/ drink and refreshments available for purchase.

Q28: Can people come out on the route to see me?

A28: The best place for spectators will most likely be at the start/finish. Where they can watch runners set off and return and be close to facilities and the musical entertainment at the post-race hog roast.

Q29: Are dogs allowed?

A29: Whilst dogs are allowed on Denbies grounds, there are no dogs allowed to take part in the race and dogs are NOT allowed inside the Denbies main building.  

Q30: Are buggies allowed?

A30: Unfortunately, buggies and children are not allowed to take part in the race, the course and its' terrain are not suitable for buggies (even off-road ones).  

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